Blue Wing airlines operates:
Cessna Supervan & The Havilland airplanes

The following airplanes are presently in use:

The Supervan 900

The Cessna 206

The Twin-Otters

The Supervan

The Supervan is the world’s fastest single engine commercial airplane used for bush flying and other purposes. It is powered by a Honeywell T8E 331-JR-12, 900HP engine. The Supervan is a Cessna Grand Caravan converted to the specifications of a Supervan certified by the FAA.

The first Cessna Grand Caravan converted into a Supervan was serial no. 488 in 2007. This airplane with original registration N1301K/PZ-TSK was test flown in Suriname after its first 2000 hours of flight, in bush-flying, Suriname, on short and rough airfields. The performance matched the calculations and in 2015 Blue Wing took a second Supervan in operation.

Blue Wing operates with two Supervan 900 daily to all the domestic airfields on schedule and charter base.

The Cessna 206

The Cessna 206 is used for passenger & cargo transport of passenger & cargo capability not exceeding 400kg into very short airstrips.

The Twin-Otters

Blue Wing also operates two Twin-Otters. The Twin-Otters are worldwide known and have a very good stoll (short field landing) capability. The Twin-Otter (DHC-6) can easily carry 19 passengers in and out of any jungle airfield. The Twin-Otter is a real short field, unpaved, twin engine aircraft which has proven itself over the last 45 years since production. The Twin-Otter is still in production today by Viking Air Ltd.