Blue Wing Airlines (BWA) is an airline company of private initiative that has been operational since January 2002, situated at the Zorg & Hoop airfield (in the capital Paramaribo) in Suriname.

Starting with a small fleet of 2 aircrafts (Cessna’s) in 2002, the company had to expand in order to keep up with the customers-demand and purchased its 1st 18 seater aircraft, in 2003. This stable, strong and powerful aircraft could carry passengers as well as cargo. BWA have a fleet of 7 aircrafts of high quality, providing greater flexibility and versatility to its clients. Our customer-friendly service and effective processing of reservations and cargo as well as our options for scheduled and charter flights generate an increasing number of flights each year as well as a growing fleet consisting of various types of aircrafts.

Nowadays BWA is the proud owner of a total fleet of 9 aircrafts:
2 caravan – Cessna 208 Caravan (single engine)
3 Twin otter – The Havilland DHC-6 (Twin-engine)
3 Cessna’s – Cessna 206 (single engine)
1 Cessna Reims F406 (Twin Engine)

Blue Wing Airlines has developed itself to such quality level that it has been able to acquire a unique position within Surinamese aviation. To maintain this level of quality, the company has an expert team that undergoes continuous training. Blue Wing Airlines is specialized in fast and effective flight connections within the Caribbean. BWA offers scheduled flights as well as charter flights and transport both passengers and cargo.

Currently, there are charter and scheduled flights to all airstrips in the interior and to all destinations in the Caribbean (the region).

Annually six thousand flight hours are flown by the fleet of Blue Wing Airlines, with 12,000 passengers and 1,500,000 kilograms of transported freight.